Spit Happens, Week 02

Spit Happens, Week 02

Phew, what a first week of 2021. How are you feeling? I'm definitely feeling a lot of feelings. Here are some things that I've enjoyed this week...

I started following Sharonsaysso on Instagram. She's super knowledgable with anything in regards to the United States Government. She also raised a LOT of money for people in need over the holidays. If you're wanting to know about current events, policies, or overall good content follow her!

I finished my first ever sock! I followed the I'm So Basic Socks pattern by Summer Lee, and used the sock set for the February Knit and Lit club. I'm determined to not get 2nd sock syndrome... so I've already started the 2nd one to hopefully complete this week!


This week, I also teamed up with @charitabrhapsody and @hyggcanyon to help raise money for The Road Home! with a $5 raffle ticket, you will be eligible to win Kim's Sundays in December pattern and yarn to go with it! 

And... that's it! thanks for being here! Come back next week for some more highlights. :)

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