where our yarn comes from

ethically sourced in north america, south america & europe. additionally, all of our yarn comes from farms that follow mulesing-free practices.

yarn is dyed in salt lake city, utah.

washing your yarn

hand washing all knit garments in lukewarm water and laying flat to dry on blocking mats or a clean towel is recommended.

a small amount of bleeding in your first few washes may occur, but if this continues to persist please contact us so we can address this issue.

hand dyeing process

all yarn is first soaked in a lukewarm water bath with citric acid to assure that your yarn absorbs all dye fully. after soaking, the yarn is either speckled or placed in a dye pot based on which colorway we are creating. once the water in the dye pot has returned to room temperature and the color has been set, the yarn is then rinsed and soaked in a wool wash to leave the yarn smelling nice and fresh. finally, we hang dry our yarn until fully dry.


shipping time depends on one thing: whether you shopped in-stock or pre-order yarn.

typically, in-stock yarn will ship within 3-6 days of when your order was placed, unless otherwise specified in the listing. pre-orders, depending on the size of the kit, typically ship within 2-3 weeks of when the order was placed.

United States orders are always shipped via USPS. packages typically can take 3-7 days to reach its destination. if you'd like to rush your shipment, please email us and we will do our best to get you the package as soon as possible. additional fees may apply.

Canadian orders will be shipped via USPS, then routed to customs, and then transferred to Canadian postage. unless specified, insurance will not be added to the shipment. llamalovejoy cannot guarantee the length of time the package will arrive to it's destination.

we currently do not ship to any other country. we are working towards being able to ship worldwide.

note about orders: once orders have been shipped, they become the responsibility of you, the customer. while we are not responsible for lost packages, i will do my best to help answer questions about your shipment. however, if a package is indeed lost, USPS should be contacted directly to resolve the issue.

if a package has been refused by you or deemed 'undeliverable', you will receive a refund only for the price of the items you purchased, i.e. shipping charges will not be refunded.