Spit Happens, Weeks 03 & 04

Spit Happens, Weeks 03 & 04

Man, time sure does fly. It was mid-week when I realized I didn't post what happened in the LLJ world for week 03. So, this may be a long post!

Week 03 looked a little something like this...

Dog sitting for my parents, meet Kiki! She's a grumpy old dog, who loves to cuddle and go to bed early. It was so fun having an animal in the house for a few days!

Dyed up the January Cultivation Mystery Yarn Club! I love how these colors turned out. There's still time to sign up for February!
We took a hike near our city, the weather has been cold and smoggy, so it was nice to get out and move our legs! Here's a view from the trail.
Week 04 was a busy one. I was able to finish my Dipped Tee by Knit Diaries, which has been in my WIP stash for over a year! Don't ask me why I waited so long to finish the sleeves. 
I did some dyeing and shipping too! All of the February Knit and Lit clubs are completed and shipped to its new owners! I can't wait to start the book club next week with isbn_there_done_that
Speaking of Knit and Lit club, looking forward to releasing the March yarn set, and announcing the new book! Watch for that sometime this week.
I'm happy to announce that I'll be participating in the Valentine's Market at Trolley Square in Salt Lake City in a few weeks! I'll be featuring all yarn that I have in stock, as well as these yarn bouquets! It's the perfect give for your fiber loving Valentine!
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